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Miracle of spices

WARNING: Before using any of these methods, Make sure that you are comfortable with all these ingredients.



      It is very much helpful for singers to keep their throat in good condition,

      For cold and cough: An equal proportion of pepper powder and honey taken thrice a day decreases heavy cold and Cough.

      Fever: Pepper boiled with water or with milk is very helpful to decrease high fever.

      Digestion Problem: If you eat pepper it help your digestion to become normal.

      Cough and wheezing problem: Prepare a mixture of Pepper powder, stone sugar and honey in equal proportion take everyday a pinch of it and drink the juice of that keeping in your mouth,

      Cold: Burn Pepper and take that flame (smell) from your nose, sure it decreases cold.



      Throat Pain and Cough: For hot milk add little turmeric, Black pepper powder, sugar and ghee to and drink it, to get relief.

      Cold: To get relief from cold, Heat charcoal and put turmeric over that and keep your face in front of it, then your cold comes out with in minutes.

      For skin diseases and Itching : Mix a spoon of turmeric with butter or coconut oil and massage on your skin.

      Burning in Eyes: Boil water and add turmeric and cool it, wash your eyes in that water.

      Regularly occurring Cold: Fry turmeric, jaggery and ghee in equal proportion, store it in a bottle and take a pinch of it every day.

      Avoid the growth of hair in the unwanted Regions of the body: Wash the place with water and apply turmeric everyday on that place it acts as hair remover.



     Decreases the excess heat in the body.

     Burning in any parts of the body: Rinse Coriander seeds in water for 4 to 5 hours and drink that water to get relief or you can wash the burning part of your body with that water (Eyes, palm, feet,etc).

     It helps in controlling the body temperature.



          It is a very good medicine for Indigestion.

         It helps very much for summer thirst.

         For Pitta (Skin problems), to keep your digestive system in control, for taste, to increase hunger, it helps.

         When you are not feeling hungry and Indigestion: Fried cumin seeds powder, with a glass of buttermilk or hot water after dinner, with salt helps a lot.



         Sodium Bicarbonate or Cooking soda helps a lot for our respiratory organs.

         For Cough, respiratory burns, wheezing : Boil soda leaves in pressure; drink the juice of that with honey.

         Piles disease, Heavy menstruation in women's, bleeding from the nose: Cooking soda helps a lot.

         Cough: Drink this leaves powder with honey.

         Body ache (Pain): Boil the water, adding Soda leaves, Take bath with that water.



         Burning in any part of your body: apply sandalwood paste on that part or drink adding with water.

         For any skin problems (Itching etc.): Mix sandalwood or chandana with lemon juice and apply on the deceased part.

         As Deodorant: In summer you can apply it to your body to avoid from sweating smell and pimples.

         Burn in Urethra or constipation : rinse sandalwood powder in water overnight, and drink that water.

         Headache or Migraine: apply the paste on the forehead to get relief.

         Burn heals: Apply Paste of sandalwood.



         It is called as "Heaven Grain".

         Vomiting: to decrease vomiting mix a spoon of this powder with honey and ghee, Keep this mixture inside your mouth and drink the juice of that.

         Bad Breath: Chew cardamoms keeping in your mouth.

         Cough: Keep this in your mouth and take the juice.

         Heart Burns etc. : Drink cardamom with water.

         Digestion: It helps digestion, and constipation.



         As thirst quencher: In summer you can use this with water and sugar to decrease your thirst.

         Blood purifier: If you eat everyday with honey it purifies the blood inside the body.

         For dandruff: Before washing your hair apply lemon juice to your hair, it controls dandruff and gives shinning too.

         Pregnant: To control vomiting at the time of pregnancy take lemon juice with water and sugar.

         As Face wash: Mix lemon juice with milk cream and apply to your skin, after some minutes wash it with cold water, it softens, gives shinning, removes oil in the skin, brightens and removes any mark in your face.

         Pimples: Mix lemon juice and turmeric powder, make a paste and apply to your face.

         Good Looking feet : Rinse and wash your feet with 2 t/s of lemon added into water.

         Food Poison: If there is any Poisson in the food, accidentally, lemon juice is very much helpful.

         Gastric Problem: Drink lemon juice with water, salt and sugar.



         Cold and any external Body pain: Grind pudina leaves and massage on the painful Parts.

         For cold, massage grinded pudeena paste near heart and nose area.

         It helps for digestion, and for Dental Pains, vomiting, etc.

         For Dental Health and Bad Breath: Chew Mint leaves after dinner,

         Headache: Apply Mint leaves paste on forehead and massage.

         Throat Problem: Drink Mint Tea.

         Indigestion and related stomach pain: Drink Mint leaves juice, Eat Mint chutney with buttermilk.



         Old, stored Jaggery is very much useful for Heart problems, Cold, Cough, etc.

         It is useful to keep body healthy.



         For Indigestions and stomach ache: Fry Hing in ghee, and add this to the hot water and drink.

         For worms inside the stomach: After dinner, add hing to the buttermilk and drink.

         Ear pain: Heat oil and add hing to that and put that mixture inside the ears.



         Heartburn and other gastric problems: eat Banana daily.

         For Piles disease: Every day Eat one Banana with a Cardamom.

         Irregular heavy Menstruation for women's: Make curry with Banana flowers, eat with rice or curds.

         Kidney Stone: Stem of the Banana (make curry) and eat, it is very much useful for men's.

         It helps to keep your body healthy.

         For constipation it helps a lot.



         Mouth ulcer and Throat pain, for itches,: wash your mouth with Pomegranates flowers juice.

         White discharge in women's: Wash the parts with the Stems paste.

         Worms in stomach: Pomegranates roots with large quantity of filtered water drink 3 or 4 times.

         Dehydration with blood: Paste of the Branches of Pomegranate tree paste helps in controlling.

         Excess heat in the body and strength: Drink this fruits juice with Stone sugar.


         For healthy Body: Rinse Green Moong Dal whole Rinsed for one day, and make dishes with that.

         Healthy Blood and health: Moongdal Boiled water is useful.

         For Excess heat in body: Boil Moongdal , Put sugar, coconut and cardamom to it and drink.

         Any Green leaves dishes helps in Good digestion and good for constipation.

         Burn in urethra and constipation : Eat fresh cucumber.

         Spinach leaves, Methy leaves, curry leaves, coriander leaves etc. etc. Helps for healthy Body.

         All or most of the leaves are useful for eyes (eyesight, burn in eyes, for brightness).

          For Dandruff and healthy hair: Rinse your hair in Methy Paste and take bath. It also removes excess heat in the body.

    For excess heat in body eat methy leaves dishes, or methy with curds.

     To remove black circles or marks and to give shinning to the eyes, keep a slice each on eyes and relax for few minutes.

     At the time of fever and heat body people, drink coconut water.

     Women's should specially use more curry leaves as it contains Iron, which is more essential for them.

     Eating cucumber slices keeps you away from thirst and indigestion.



     Caught with cafa: extract juice from the tulasi leaves and eat with honey.

     cold and fever: Extract juice from the leaves filter it and add with honey and take.

     To control Mosquito: Keep tulasi plants in your home, it gives good smell and health.

     Earache from cold wind: Extract juice from leaves of tulasi and warm it and put inside the paining ear.

      For any small skin problems: Mix tulasi leaves and salt make a paste and massage on the infected parts of the skin.

     Good Health: Tulasi juice with hot water is very much useful.

     For Dental pain from worms: chew Tulasi leaves in your mouth.

     Healthy Hair without worms and dandruff: Wash your hairs with these leaves.




    Skin allergies: Make a paste of turmeric powder and Neem leaves, apply smoothly to the infected parts.

    For Chickenpox etc. for children: spread Neem leaves over the bead ,on which affected children sleeps.

   As insecticide inside the home: Burn Neem Dry leaves inside the home, when the fog spreads throughout the home it kills all the mosquitoes and disease causing small insects.

   Fever: Drink Neem stem paste with water.

   Stomach worms: Grind Neem leaves, and eat with cumin seeds.

   Dentist: Use Neem stems as toothbrush and paste. You don't need any toothpaste or brush.

   Skin problems: Eat daily 2-3 Neem leaves.

   Healthy skin: Add Neem leaves to hot water, and take bath with that water.

   Dental Pain: Apply Neem oil to the affected area.



    Skin problems: Massage Garlic on the affected part.

    Joint pain: Everyday eat Garlic clove removing skin and cutting in the middle, drink Hot water after that, do this in the morning with empty stomach.

      Ear pain: Mash Garlic and fry inside oil, put that drops of that Oil inside the ear.

      Gastric Problem: Eat Garlic daily mixing with food.

      Wheezing problem, Menstruation problems for women's, Asthma, dehydration etc., Use Garlic in your food.

      Garlic is very much useful for Heart related problem and Gastritis (Gastric problems)


         Hurts and pain in any part of the body: Heat salt, wrap inside the cloth and Keep on the region. 

         Burn in eyes, ears, feet : drink Yellow moong dal Boiled with water and sugar.

         Body ache and strain: Take bath with hot water.

         Head ache and migraine: drink Hot Coffee, Keep Ice covered with cloth on the paining region.

         Headache: Apply warm coconut Oil, and massage it to the roots of the hair.

         Migraine and Headache: Tie tightly a cloth (dry or dipped in hot water).

         Cold, Fever,Throatpain : Drink strong, Hot Coffee.

         To be active, for sleeping sickness, remove excess heat: drink Hot Tea.

         For cold and fever: chew stone sugar,

         For Good Memory: Use spinach leaves in your dishes.

         First Aid: For any hurt, or dog or snakebites, small accidents etc., Wash the part with pure water.

         Dental Pain: For dental pain apply clove Oil to the affected region.

         Brightens of Eyes: Collect Hailstones and put that water inside your eyes.

         Thirst and strength in summer: Drink Buttermilk with water, adding salt.

    For Good health and to come out of many diseases: Drink 6 cups of water before brushing your teeth.



Grind to paste:

         1/4 cup Methi seeds,

         1/4 cup White Hibiscus leaves,

         1/4 cup Jasmine and Curry leaves,

         1/4 cup Rose Petals,

         1/4 cup Mehndi Leaves,

         4-5t/s of Left over Tea powder after making Tea.

         2 t/s Cumin seeds,

         2 t/s Lemon juice,

        Make the paste of all or some of these ingredients, apply to your hair, rinse a hour and take head bath.



     Coriander Seeds Powder 1 cup

     Cumin seeds Powder 1/2 cup

     Ginger 1t/s

     Black Pepper Powder 2 t/s

     Cardamom Powder 1t/s


     Fry Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds, Ginger, and Pepper.

     Filter all the powders.

     Add cardamom Powder and Store it in a Clean Bottle.


         Boil 1 cup of water, add 1t/s of the Powder mixture,

         Boil and filter it, Add sugar (Jaggery) and Milk (Like coffee or Tea type),

         Drink daily 2 or three times.  

WARNING: Before using any of these methods, Make sure that you are comfortable with all these ingredients


Fun Facts
My Birthstone is Aquamarine (Courage)
Flower is Daffodil or Jonquil (White or Light Blue)
My Astrological Sign is
I was born in the Chinese Year of
The Monkey
I will start kindergarten in 2009,
be old enough to drive a car in 2020,
and will graduate High School with the Class of 2022
The meaning of the name Keaton
Keaton Male English Place of the hawks.