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How to wear a sari

How to Wear a Sari


Saris can be worn in different ways. The Front Pleats are basic to Northern and Nivi style:

Front Pleats:
The upper, inner edge of the sari is tucked in at the right front hip with the left hand, and the upper border tucked around the waist into the petticot stringband. One half to two thirds of the cloth are pleated with the left hand, and then tucked into the petticot waistband.

sari1.gif (10756 Byte)

Fig1. Front Pleats

The remaining cloth is passed around the left hip and draped over the right shoulder from the back. The left corner of the endpiece is tucked into the petticot waistband at the left back hip. The cloth draping the shoulder and back is pulled over the head so that it rests like a veil.

sari2.gif (12843 Byte)

Fig2. Northern

The remaining cloth is passed around the left back to the right hip where the endpiece is pleated so that it will be narrow enough to rest on the shoulder. The endpiece is draped over the front left shoulder so the end hangs down the back. In the Tamil version, the hanging end is wrapped around the waist from the right front side and tucked in at the left hip waist.

sari3.gif (13857 Byte)

Fig3. Nivi

Maharashtrian Kachchha:
All Kachchha drapes require an 8-10 metre sari, and no petticot is used. The upper border is first tied tightly around the waist before the front pleats are created. The central point of the pleated fabric is pulled backwards at the hem between the legs and tucked into the sari "waistband". The remainder is wrapped and draped in a manner similar to the nivi style.

sari4.gif (15313 Byte)

Fig4. Maharashtrain Kachchha


The Manhattan Knot

tie1.gif (6509 Byte)


The Standard Knot "Four-in-Hand"

tie2.gif (3374 Byte)


The Double Windsor Knot

tie3.gif (5553 Byte)

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