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Hey Guys!! This is my new site.. About me...Hope you learn something interesting..I got lots of pics so don’t forget to take a look..!!!   Shall keep updating the website with new photos.  Here you'll find lots of stuff to explore

 Dear family members and friends,

don't forget to sign my guestbook  which I can read when I grow up.



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Love Ya All...

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The Aries Child

Whatever you do, you just cannot ignore him. Ruled by Mars, the Aries child demands attention and shrieks his head off if he does not get it. Just in case you do not know it yet, he is the boss! Even when he is not old enough to speak, you will be able to tell his likes and dislikes, as he does not have a subtle bone in his body. Aries girls too are extremely direct and determined to get their own way. 

Aries children learn to walk and talk faster than other children. They must be disciplined as soon as possible.  Accident-prone, curious and impetuous by nature, you must watch over them carefully. Keep sharp objects out of their reach. 

Watch out for their temper tantrums. However, you need not be concerned. They are like pressure cookers and calm down almost as soon as they blow up. Your little ram might stamp his foot, throw a tantrum, and then give you a bear hug. Arian children are extremely affectionate. 

If he likes you, he can be generous to a fault. Remember that he will only like you if he can get his own way. Do not ever make the mistake of comparing him to his siblings. If you want to motivate him to do well, just give him a challenge… and watch him shine.

On one hand, the Aries child can be tough and practical and on the other, a dreamy sentimental soul with a vivid imagination. For all their bravado, these children get hurt easily. Fortunately, their remarkable fiery nature compels them to rise from the ashes.

Your Child Could Grow Up To Be Like...

Bismarck, Charles Chaplin, Marlon Brando, Joan Crawford, Thomas Jefferson, Nikita Krushchev, Joseph Pulitzer, Bette Davis, Peter Ustinov, Vincent Van Gogh, Tennessee Williams.

... And Get Lucky With ...

                                 Lucky colors – scarlet and all shades of red

                                 Lucky mascot (gem) – diamond

                                 Lucky day of the week – Thursday

                                 Lucky object / metal – iron

Refer to this chart to tap your child's periodic growth scale

Kiddie Growth Monitor Chart


Daily Weight
Gain (g)

Monthly Weight

Growth in

Growth in 
Head Circumference 

Daily Allowance 

0-3 mths


 2 lb




3-6 mths


 1.25 lb




6-9 mths


 1 lb




9-12 mths


13 oz




1-3 yrs


 8 oz




4-6 yrs


 6 oz

3 cm/yr

1 cm/yr



Fun Facts
My Birthstone is Aquamarine (Courage)
Flower is Daffodil or Jonquil (White or Light Blue)
My Astrological Sign is
I was born in the Chinese Year of
The Monkey
I will start kindergarten in 2009,
be old enough to drive a car in 2020,
and will graduate High School with the Class of 2022
The meaning of the name Keaton
Keaton Male English Place of the hawks.